International Adult Learner’s Week 2012

March 24 to April 1 is International Adult Learner’s Week (IALW), a week dedicated to celebrating adult learners and their stories. IALW is a UNESCO initiative, first declared in 2000, in order to promote learning and literacy. IALW is inspired by the idea that

“the most effective way to underscore the importance of lifelong learning was to give adult learners themselves the chance to express their views, describe their challenges, and document their success stories.” UNESCO

International Adult Learner’s Week in Canada

The Canadian Commission for UNESCO, together with its partners, identified IALW as a priority project that would foster joint action by a broad network and would raise the profile of adult learning throughout Canada. IALW is a promotional campaign to raise public awareness and an opportunity for government, non-governmental organizations and civil society to work in partnership to demonstrate the importance of adult literacy and lifelong learning. IALW has been celebrated in Canada since 2002.

Celebrate IALW With Decoda

Throughout IALW, Decoda will share news, posts, resources and more. Find all of our IALW posts gathered here:

IALW Around the Web

If you are looking for more information about  IALW, browse these  stories and resources from around the web. This list will be updated throughout the week, so please check back often.