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Math Worksheets

If you have students working on GED-level math skills and you’d like more problems for practice, you might want to look at the worksheets from the Minnesota Literacy Council. GED Mathematical Reasoning Curriculum has worksheets embedded within the lessons. While the curriculum is designed to be used in conjunction with a specific textbook, the worksheets… Read more

Early Learning Cards for Parents

The KFL&A Children’s Literacy Committee in Ontario has created a set of five Early Learning Cards that illustrate activities that are important for early learning.  Each card covers one of the following topics: playing, reading, singing, talking and writing. The cards are double-sided, with one side displaying the activity with a brief quote about why… Read more

Speech Perception and Reading

Can you predict when children are newborns if they will be successful readers in school? Brain-based Research – How the Brain Learns to Read, a recent post on the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy blog, presents some research that claims that the innate ability to discriminate between the sounds of ‘b’ and ‘p’ is an… Read more

Board Governance Resource Guide

The Board Governance Resource Guide for Nonprofit Organizations published by Community Literacy of Ontario is a self-study resource to help nonprofits develop and strengthen their board governance practices.  The guide was revised in June 2014. In it you will find information on effective practices in: Board roles and responsibilities Governance structures Board and risk management… Read more

Renegade Buggies

New from the National Center for Families Learning! Renegade Buggies is a new financial literacy iOS/Android game designed to help families develop basic budgeting and money management skills.  Designed for children and parents to play together, the game covers four concepts: unit prices, buying in bulk, coupons, and promotions. In Renegade Buggies, the mission is simple:… Read more

International Day of Families

Today is International Day of Families and the theme for 2015 is Men in Charge? Gender Equality and Children’s Rights in Contemporary Families. The 2015 observance of the International Day of Families aims to raise awareness and mobilize support for action to ensure gender equality and rights of children within families and prevent family violence… Read more

Science of NHL Hockey

For instructors with students who are interested in hockey, NBC Learn and NBC Sports, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, offers 10 videos on the Science of NHL Hockey.  Each video is accompanied by a transcript and lessons, one for Grades 5-8 and one for Grades 9-12.  The videos and lessons are free and… Read more

Face-to-Face Project

The Face-to-Face Project is a pilot project that connects youth with disabilities to employers willing to take them through practice employment interviews.  For the youth it’s an opportunity to gain experience in job interviews.  For employers it’s an opportunity to increase their awareness of the benefits of hiring youth with disabilities. The Face-to-Face Project is… Read more

Technology in Adult Education

Based on an American survey of over 1,000 program administrators and practitioners conducted in fall 2014, Learning for Life: the Opportunity for Technology to Transform Adult Education: Part 1: Interest in and Aptitude for Technology reports on the role of and potential for technology in the instructional training programs that help adults develop basic literacy,… Read more

Council of the Federation Literacy Award

Do you know of an individual in BC who provides leadership in the literacy field, through partnerships and collaborations? Do they demonstrate outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy? You can nominate them for the 2015 Council of the Federation Literacy Award! The nominations for this annual award are open until June 1, 2015…. Read more