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Seven Books That Will Make You a Better Teacher

7 Books That Will Make You a Better Teacher describes seven books that will help inform the way you teach. Here are the seven books: A Whole New Mind The World is Flat Brain Rules Why Don’t Students Like School Make It Stick Why We Do What We Do The Happiness Advantage As a group,… Read more

Unite for Literacy

Looking for free online books for beginning readers?  Unite for Literacy is a for-profit social enterprise that gives you access to a free digital library.  Their website houses a collection of non-fiction books illustrated with colorful photos.  In addition to simple language and an easy to use format, the books feature audio support.  While the… Read more

Writing concisely

Imagine a large room with high ceilings. This room is an art gallery, and it has some incredible works of art on the walls. Unfortunately, all the wall-space which isn’t covered by the good art is covered by, um, not-so-good art: there isn’t one square inch of bare wall around the good art. Are you… Read more

Employment Training for Immigrant Women

The award-winning Educational Curriculum Manual: Employment Training for Low Literacy Immigrant Women is available online.  Developed by the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, it was written for teachers and administrators looking for workforce training resources for immigrant women with less than 12 years of education in their country of origin.  The training model is modular and… Read more

Open Textbooks

You asked us: “I’d like to save my students some money.  Are there any free textbooks available?” Have you heard of open textbooks?  An open textbook is a textbook licensed under an open copyright license, and made available online to be freely used by students, teachers and members of the public. The material can be… Read more

COABE Adult Educator Resources

The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) has launched an online collection of promising practices and resources for adult education. Adult Educator Resources is free for all adult educators; you don’t have to be a COABE member to create an account. The resources available – lesson plans, videos, apps, conference presentations and professional development resources – cover a… Read more

Aboriginal Fathers

Since National Aboriginal Day and Father’s Day both occur this coming Sunday, today’s blog post will feature some resources for Aboriginal fathers. Fatherhood is Forever is one in a series of four booklets designed for First Nations and Métis parents in BC.  It discusses why fathers are important, learning how to be a father, and… Read more

Kate Nonesuch on Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings are statements at the start of a piece of writing, TV show, movie or video alerting you to the possibility that the content might be distressing. In her latest blog post, Kate Nonesuch talks about balancing using difficult material in the classroom with respecting students’ lived experience. Real lives are tough; sometimes an… Read more

Raise Your Flag!

Do you know someone who wants to go to work right after finishing high school? They might want to take a look at Raise Your Flag! This website is designed to help high school students who aren’t going to university or college find a career they’ll enjoy.    It explores potential careers available to high school… Read more

Gamification and Adult Literacy

Gamification is the act of applying game design elements in a non-game setting in order to increase engagement, change behaviour, or achieve a specific, desired result. Gamification and Adult Literacy examines best practices for incorporating gamification and game elements into adult literacy education.  This publication from Literacy Link South Central looks at the history of gamification… Read more