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Tech Tuesday: DigitalLearn.org

DigitalLearn.org is an online learning hub for digital literacy support and training.  This project of the Public Library Association in the United States includes a collection of self-directed tutorials for improving digital literacy.  To see the lessons they have, click here. Thanks to the AlphaPlus Blog for writing about this site, and recommending it as… Read more

Coming to a library near you?

Have you visited your public library lately?  Why not discover something new about the library during Canadian Library Month? Libraries offer an amazing variety of services.  It’s not just about books.  All public libraries have expert assistance from librarians.  Many public libraries have free access to computers and the Internet, e-books loans, DVDs and audio discs… Read more

Child poverty & literacy

Today is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The 2013 Child Poverty Report, using Statistics Canada data from 2011, presents the following facts about child poverty in BC: BC had a child poverty rate of 18.6%, using Statistics Canada’s Low Income Cut-Offs (LICOs) before tax as a measure. Of children living in single-mother… Read more


October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects one in five people. The following short video is an introduction to dyslexia and neurodiversity. The full Ted-Ed lesson that features this video can be found here. The Decoda Library has a substantial collection of resources on learning disabilities in adults, initiated… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: ROI of workplace training

How Essential-Skills Training Unlocks Business Value focuses on the Return on Investment (ROI) for employers from training employees in essential skills. This report was produced by CB Insights in association with the Advancing Workplace Learning project. Read it here.

Tech Tuesday: Emotions and learning

Positive emotions such as curiosity and surprise enhance learning. Negative emotions such as anxiety and frustration can be a barrier to learning. Teachers and tutors have known this intuitively for a long time. Now, the area of affective computing is producing research that looks in detail at how emotions are entwined with learning. There are… Read more

Community Literacy Directory

Are you looking for information about literacy support in your community? Whether you need to find a literacy organization, program or a literacy outreach coordinator in your community, start your search here. Read More

Mothers’ Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day. For those who work with young families, one of the mental health issues that may arise is postpartum depression. You Can’t Tell a Mom has Postpartum Depression by Looking is an blog post that contrasts happy photos of new moms with their own words about how depressed they were… Read more

A Layperson’s Guide to PIAAC

Brigid Hayes addressed Alberta literacy practitioners on September 18th at the Practical PIAAC conference in Edmonton.  Her presentation, A Layperson’s Guide to PIAAC,  was an overview of the Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) as well as her thoughts on why it is important but not enough.  She has provided online access to… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month

How healthy is your workplace? October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month. The goal is to promote awareness of a comprehensive approach to workplace health that includes a balance of physical, emotional, intellectual and social well being. A healthy workplace involves healthy practices, a healthy workplace culture and supportive environment, and a healthy and safe workplace… Read more