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The Decoder is our quarterly online newsletter! Every edition features the latest news and updates from the literacy field, including powerful real-life stories about the people who are being impacted by literacy work across the province. Read the latest issue and sign up for future editions today: http://decoda.ca/about-us/media/e-bulletin/

Tech Tuesday: Everyday Life

One section of the GCF Learn Free website contains interactive lessons from the Everyday Life Project . These lessons provide opportunities to experience using skills in real-life situations without real-world consequences. Designed for adult learners, there are lessons for getting around town, food and cooking, health and safety, money, and work skills. These lessons can… Read more

Earth Day 2014

Today is Earth Day, and this year’s theme is ‘Make it count for Earth Day’, daily activities that support the environment. The focus is on four action items: Eat, Grow, Transform, Share. This time of year many people are turning their minds to planning gardens and growing plants outdoors. The NWT Literacy Council recently described… Read more

Early math

Math is everywhere and development of math concepts starts early. To learn more about supporting math skills development in children – Read: Family math fun! Kate Nonesuch. Duncan, BC: Vancouver Island University, 2008. Also available online at en.copian.ca/library/learning/familymath/cover.htm This is a manual of family numeracy activities. Spirit, heart, body and mind are all connected in… Read more

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Success as a Second Chance Learner

Imagine living in another country, working hard every day to achieve success; you then find someone special from another country, move to that country, and find that all of your hard work has been in vain.  The tools you possess aren’t recognized and you must start all over again.  What do you do to regain… Read more

Changing Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

There are few people in British Columbia who haven’t heard of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver.  One of Vancouver’s most infamous areas, consisting of the city’s first urban neighbourhoods – Gastown, Chinatown, Japantown and Strathcona – it is often referred to as Vancouver’s poorest postal code.  The area is featured prominently in news stories… Read more

Workplace Wednesday: Math videos for First Nations adults

ACCESS Essential Skills for Aboriginal Futures (ESAF) is a house of learning designed to meet the needs of the urban Aboriginal community. The focus is on moving participants forward to meet entry requirements for further technical skills training or employment. The programs are developed for Aboriginal learning styles with a focus on Essential Skills. ESAF… Read more

Tech Tuesday: Math online

Online math videos, lessons and exercises can supplement in person teaching. Here are some sites for basic math tutorials and exercises: GCF Learn Free: Math – Using images and interactives, and designed like a math workbook, these lessons have practice embedded in them. GED Test Dates – Math practice quizzes for topics covered in the… Read more

Teaching math basics

Are you new to teaching math to adults? Here’s a good starting place: Changing the way we teach math: a manual for teaching basic math to adults. Kate Nonesuch. Duncan, BC: Malaspina University College, 2006. Also available online en.copian.ca/library/learning/mathman/mathman.pdf This manual sets out some best practices from the literature of teaching math to adults, then… Read more