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The American Sentence

We’re coming to the end of Poetry Month.  Have you written any poems?  Here’s a short form of poetry you might like to try – the American Sentence. Allen Ginsberg was a key poet in the Beat Generation and a large influence on the American literary world.  While he aimed for “maximum information, minimum number… Read more

LOC Spotlight: Applying Lessons Learned from an Early Age

 “There is a clear link between developing all of our literacies and changing our lives for the better and without community literacy we lose a valuable community building and learning resource.” Sharnelle Jenkins, one of 102 Literacy Outreach Coordinators (LOCs) in B.C., shows poise and presence beyond her 24 years. Her passion for literacy, vibrancy,… Read more

A Long Journey to Friendship

“My son came home one day and asked me to help him with his homework and I couldn’t. From that moment on, I said I am going to learn to read and write so I can help my child.” As a young girl in war-torn Sierra Leone, Tenneh witnessed more tragedy than many people in… Read more

TD Canadian Children’s Book Week

This year, TD Canadian Children’s Book Week will be celebrated from Saturday, May 2 to Saturday May 9. The theme for 2015 is Hear Our Stories: Celebrating First Nations, Métis & Inuit Literature. The focus is on Aboriginal stories and the remarkable variety of topics, genres and voices being published by and about members of… Read more

The Growth Mindset

Here’s a TED talk from Carol Dweck on the power of believing that you can improve.  In this talk, she describes two ways to think about a problem that’s slightly too hard for you to solve. Are you not smart enough to solve it … or have you just not solved it yet?

Learning through Gardening

Today is Earth Day, a good time to think of embedding learning in gardening. Developed for adult literacy tutors, Learning Through Gardening is pack of four modules from Ireland. The modules cover math, digital literacy, communications and horticulture. Worksheets and tutor notes with tips and suggestions are included.  Click here to access this resource. And,… Read more

Online Occupation Scavenger Hunt

Adult learners’ career awareness is typically informed by whatever exposure they have had to the world of work through personal experience, family, and friends. Often, this means they’re not aware of nor encouraged to explore their own potential for upgrading their skills and moving out of entry-level, low-wage jobs. Adult educators should be equipped to… Read more

When is Cheryl’s birthday?

Earlier this month, Kenneth Kong, a television host in Singapore, posted this math logic puzzle on Facebook.  It went viral, with people all over the world arguing about the answer. Want to check your answer?  Read How to Figure Out Cheryl’s Birthday from The New York Times. Singapore is known for its high scores in… Read more

Getting Started on Twitter

Friday, May 29th, 2015: 10:00am-11:15am Twitter has fast become popular – it’s a powerful social media tool, (arguably) surpassing Facebook as the place to connect a young and diverse generation of Canadians. Do you feel like you’ve been left behind – grounded while others take off into the ‘Twitterverse?’ We can help! Let us guide… Read more

Evaluating Our Collective Impact on Community Literacy

This is a good time to look at our collective impact on community literacy. With the change in the reporting requirements of the Ministry of Education and the development of the literacy strategy for the province, we need to know what’s working in our communities and what isn’t. This 3-part series is intended for all… Read more