Active Halloween Activities

Halloween can be a great time to keep both minds and bodies active in the fall months. Use the spooky season to play themed games, bake treats, visit outdoor displays and read Halloween books. Below we’ve listed some fun active exercises and games for kids of all ages.


Halloween games don’t just get kids up and moving, they can also work out their minds. Some games to try are Topple Tree Math, Halloween Matching Game or Bingo. Take things outside and set up a Halloween obstacle course of have a monster freeze dance. There are many great Halloween games to exercise the body, mind or both! For more, check out the resources below.

Story Times

Halloween picture books are plentiful. This year choose some with an active theme to get creative and get moving! A great example is the Halloween hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson and read in the video below by actor Joel McHale. Borrow the book from your local library and read along. Have the kids show you their Halloween hustle dance!

Story Times can also be an opportunity for fun writing activities such as using a shared writing technique with the picture book Bone Soup.


Did you know that a number of community organizations, libraries and schools across the province have StoryWalks this time of year? Also, many pumpkin patches and corn mazes will have special Halloween stories on display. They are an excellent opportunity to walk outdoors, act out the story and practice reading. Check with your local community for a Halloween StoryWalk near you.

Baking Treats

Another great Halloween activity is baking sweet treats. Baking is a multi-sensory learning activity. Kids must read the recipe and determine the sequence of what steps come before, during and after. They can learn new vocabulary, practice using kitchen equipment safely and learn about measurements. Browse the links below for some fun Halloween recipes.

Keeping your body moving and having fun is a great way to learn and celebrate the season! For more ideas for an active Halloween, check out the resources below.


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