Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month

Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month (CALM) is an opportunity to learn about and celebrate Canadian agriculture and food. This year is the 10th anniversary of CALM.

The BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) is sponsoring two Ag-Reading Challenges for children:

  • ”20 for 20 Bookworms Ag-Reading Challenge” – Read agriculture-themed books for 20 minutes for 20 days in Match
  • “Ten to Try Ag-Reading Challenge” – Explore agriculture-themed books in 10 categories

There are opportunities to earn badges, write reviews and win prizes.

This year, BCAITC is highlighting The Bug Girl (a true story).

And, they’ve developed an Invent a Bug learning activity.

Children’s Books about Bees, Butterflies and Bugs

Pollinators are important for agriculture. There are other ways that insects benefit food crops. One of the themed categories in the “Ten to Try Ag-Reading Challenge” is “a book about bugs”. Find recommended titles in:

More Agriculture Resources for Children and Youth

Are all insects bugs?

All bugs are insects. But are all insects bugs? Find the answer in Identifying a Bug vs Insect.

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