Class Sets and Pairs of Readers

Since the increase in remote teaching, the Decoda Literacy Library has had many requests for dual copies of readers that a tutor and learner can each have a copy of while practicing reading. We also get many more requests for class sets of readers. We are working to increase the duplicate copies of adult readers in the collection. In the meantime, did you know that we have some small class sets, as well as paired sets, available to borrow now?

These collections are often made up of what is called “hi/lo” books, or high interest, low vocabulary or readability level.

“Hi/lo books are characterized by exciting (often edgy) topics, short or linear time frames, and action-driven plot.” – Rebecca O’Neil

These books work hard to keep a reader’s interest while remaining unintimidating. They are perfect for teenage and adult literacy learners. The library also has a fantastic collection of biographies, skills-based readers and other non-fiction works in multiple copies. Check out some of the titles below.


Famous Folks

These resources are available in 2 copies:

Relatable Life Stories


Workplace Literacy

These resources are available in 2 copies:

There are even more pairs and class sets of readers in the Decoda Literacy Library. Check out this list for even more!


The library also offers teachers mini-libraries of different titles, custom-selected with your students’ interests and reading levels in mind. Browse the available titles on these lists:

Email or call the Decoda librarian to request a mini-library.

Have a suggestion?

Is there a book you would love to borrow as a class set? Submit it to the library by filling in the Suggest a Resource form.

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