Cyber Security Awareness Month

Did you know October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM)? This year’s theme is “Life Happens Online” and there’s still time to participate! The campaign helps spread awareness about simple security steps we can take to keep ourselves safe online. Over the past two years, we’ve relied heavily on working, learning and socializing online. This month is a great opportunity to increase our digital literacy and learn about cyber safety. This could be as simple as a check up on your own online activities. Have you updated your software to the latest edition? Have you changed your passwords to secure passwords? Do you know what modern phishing scams look like? Is your Wi-Fi connection secure? Check out the fun retro-inspired video below that Get Cyber Safe made to inspire action (and a pretty persistent ear worm!).


The Communications Security Establishment has also put together a number of helpful videos for CSAM this year.

A great way to check up on how you’re doing with cyber security is to take the Get Cyber Safe Checkup. Another great quiz to take is the Phishing Quiz to see how well you can identify a scam. Check out the Get Cyber Safe website and the links below for more cyber security resources.


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