Decoda’s Summer Reading: Gunner the Dog (Jade Chan)

Join us every Friday in July and August and learn about the Decoda staff’s summer reading picks. Today Gunner the Dog, owner of Jade Chan, Decoda’s Training Specialist, talks about his human’s summer reading picks.

I love summer because I get to go on hikes and visit beaches more often. My human’s schedule gets extra busy trying to fit in everything, but she will always find time to enjoy a couple of books. I like it too because I get massages by her empty hand.

I saw that my human just finished One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle. She has always enjoyed books that transport her to somewhere else, like a virtual trip. I heard her read aloud the rich descriptions of beautiful towns nestled in the hillsides of Italy, picture-perfect sunsets and a lot of delectable food. She was cooking pasta dishes quite often when she was devouring the book, which I didn’t mind at all since I loved the aroma of Italian food.

Right now, my human is reading Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. She really liked one of Ishiguro’s previous works, Never Let Me Go, which was about humanity and ethics. Klara and the Sun is a sci-fi story told by Klara, a lifelike android powered by the sun. A family purchased her to become a companion for their sick and lonely human child. Klara is observant and devoted to her human, traits that I can relate to. I hope Klara gets treats and walks like I do, in return for her love and dedication for her human.

Oh, I see my human picking up her book again. I better hurry and make sure I get a good spot too.

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