Decoda’s Summer Reading: Natasha

Join us every Friday in July and August and learn about the Decoda staff’s summer reading picks. Today Natasha Loh, Decoda’s Office Administrator, is sharing her summer reading picks.

The summer is here and this year in our household it’s a special one because our oldest has just finished his first school year. Reading is still a nightly ritual in our home. We’ve graduated from reading five books every night to six to mark his 6th birthday; a handy rule I use when he requests more books to fight off sleep. 

This year we’ve enjoyed so many reads. Ones that made us laugh out loud, ones that sparked deeper discussions over challenging topics such as death and ones that taught us new facts. Among the stacks and stacks of books that have been rotated through our home, a handful have stood out for their long lasting impact after the cover has been closed. They’ve moved onto our “to purchase” list and will be added to our family’s home library.  

Grandad’s Pink Trousers 

The title and cover set you up to believe the story is about a gender stereotype-defying grandpa who chooses to wear pink pants. At the end of the story, you realize the grandpa has been making efforts his entire life to minimize his environmental impact. The story encouraged us to rethink the way we purchase, recycle and reuse in our household.  

Dear Librarian

This book is a wonderful introduction to what a library is and the magic that librarians do—cultivating both a safe space and collection for patrons. In Dear Librarian, the library is more than just a collection of books. It’s place of wonder, curiosity and security for times when life at home is chaotic and uncertain. 

Noodlephant and Okapi Tale 

Jacob Kramer introduces us to the town of Beaston where Noodlephant and her friends rise as a collective whole to fight capitalism and protect workers’ rights. As an adult these books are clever, but to a child who views the world through sanguine lenses it’s an easy introduction to the idea of strength in numbers against fighting capitalism or the “Okapitalists.”  

Our Little Kitchen

A beautifully illustrated book about the people in a community who come to create something from what they have — whether it’s an abundance of canned beans to ten radishes and half a celery. While reading, one is easily caught up in the fast-paced rhythm of kitchen prep and cooking. However, once the meal is finished there’s a quiet that descends on the pages, as if mimicking reality where plates are and bellies are filled to satisfaction.  

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