Financial Capability Workbooks for Indigenous Women

The Financial Capability Workbook for Indigenous Women series is a new financial literacy resource. The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) Be the Drum program and the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA) partnered to produce the three workbooks.

The series was developed for Indigenous women to:

  • Improve their financial skills and abilities to manage their money
  • Make choices that can benefit their lives and the lives of their family and community
  • Build confidence so they can apply their personal financial skills in their businesses.

The three workbooks in the series are:

  1. Money Behaviour and Savings: The first workbook provides an introduction to entrepreneurship and financial capability. It covers goal setting, attitude about money, savings, and setting a savings goal.
  2. Personal Budgeting: The second workbook covers the foundations of money management. It includes: understanding income and expenses, setting goals, identifying needs vs. wants, creating a monthly budget, and making your spending plan work.
  3. Banking and Credit: The third workbook covers financial institutions, how to manage your bank account, and understanding and using credit wisely.

Along with information and practical exercises, the workbooks provide opportunities for self-reflection. The workbooks are available to download for free.

Other Indigenous Financial Literacy Resources

Other financial literacy workbooks and programs designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people in Canada are available. Find some in our earlier post on Indigenous Financial Literacy.

With the assistance of the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, ABC Life Literacy developed four Money Matters for Indigenous People workbooks.

Financial Empowerment: Personal Finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People is an introductory textbook on financial planning and decision-making. It is designed for post-secondary students.

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