A message from Sandra Lee, Executive Director

For Family Literacy Week 2023, we chose the theme “Make it count! Play * Sort * Measure.” Children start using math the moment they start exploring the world. Math talk helps your child connect math with daily activities. Connecting with our families and our communities is what Family Literacy Week is all about.

Learn how families new to Canada are connecting to support their child’s early literacy development in Newcomer families make it count in IPALS program.

Celebrations are taking place throughout the province. I encourage you to read about some of the exciting community activities, events and contests near you. Visit our events page to see how you can get involved in online, at home and outdoor activities in your community, or read a summary in Free events celebrate BC Family Literacy Week 2023. 

I plan on “unplugging.” As a family, we’ll choose recipes from cookbooks, and make half batches and double batches to explore measuring and fractions. For more ways to participate, download our age-specific activity sheets and enter the Family Literacy Week Photo Contest.

What’s new at Decoda

At the end of 2022, the Board and staff met to develop a strategic plan to set our priorities for the next three years. We look forward to sharing the plan with you in the next few weeks.

At the Decoda AGM we showcased our accomplishments from 2021-22 in our Annual Report.

This spring, we will explore ways to expand our communications with our partners and practitioners.

On January 27, all of Canada will celebrate ABC Life Literacy’s Family Literacy Day.

I hope that you will find time to have fun with your family – on Family Literacy Day and throughout Family Literacy Week!



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