Fostering Literacy: Kayla’s story

Kayla is the mother of Delila, a nine-year girl who struggles with reading. Delila participates in the Fostering Literacy program. Through the program, children receive one-to-one-sessions with a reading tutor during the school year.

Lori Craig is Delila’s tutor. Lori works for the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) in Kimberley. In her own words, Kayla expresses the support both mother and daughter have received – thanks to Lori.

Last evening Delila and I had our parent meeting with our Fostering Literacy tutor, Lori Craig with Kimberley CBAL.

Learning to guide my little emerging reader through tough words with time and patience has been one of the most rewarding moments of parenting for me. Delila has grown in confidence and loves the fun schedule! 

We like learning the new games together and playing them at home with the rest of our family. Our tutor is amazing and is a firm believer that the skills will meet the learner when the time is right. Her main lesson is teaching patience to Delila. Patience for learning and allowing the time to self correct!

Thank you Lori, for supporting this incredible gift!

Kayla Wilson

Decoda relies on the generosity of individual donors and private foundation to support Fostering Literacy. Please make a gift today!

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