Friday Fun: Books in the Movies

Many wonderful children’s books were adapted into movies in recent years. This summer try reading the book with your children, then watching the movie and having a discussion. Alternatively, you could have kids write and share a movie review or have them summarize the plot in a tweet using only 280 characters. Go even further with worksheets and structured discussion questions provided in the links below. Talking about movies is a fun way to connect with children, but it can also help them to learn.

Your local library may have pairs of books and movies ready to borrow. Choosing to read books turned into movies may inspire reluctant readers. You don’t even need to read the book before watching the movie. Perhaps your child saw a film they really enjoyed that was adapted from a book. This could be a great opportunity to read the book and compare and contrast with the film.  

Movies spark a lot of creative interest in viewers. Which filming locations were chosen and why? How were casting decisions made? Was the author involved in the production of the movie? Were certain colours or types of lighting used to convey an emotion? These questions can lead the viewer down a fascinating road of discovery. Perhaps you could even obtain a copy of the script. Script reading is an interesting change from reading books and could spark some further creative inquiry. Use script reading to practise reading aloud and gaining fluency. Film and TV scripts become more accessible the older the title becomes. Search for scripts on sites such as The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb). Even more creative ideas for movie viewing this summer are included the links below.

Activities to get the most out of your summer movie viewing

A selection of recent TV series and movies adapted from books

Need more variety? See the lists below for more titles to explore. 

Movie adaptations for children

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