Game Changers – Soft Skills Curriculum

Did you know that you can use games to build soft skills for work? The Game Changers: Gaming Skills and the Workplace curriculum can show you how.

Games challenge us to think creatively, make decisions, solve problems, strategize, communicate and learn from our mistakes. The Game Changers: Gaming Skills and the Workplace curriculum is designed help teach a new generation of job seekers the soft skills critical to Canadian employers.

This resource includes ten modules:

Each module includes a supply list, pre-session preparation activities, optional reading and research, facilitated lessons, participatory activities, discussions and games.

The Game Changers modules can be combined to create a course or the individual modules can be delivered as needed.

Thanks to Literacy Link South Central for this resource!

If gaming isn’t quite right for your students, you might want to try some of the soft skills resources available from the Decoda Library. Or browse through the Employment Resources Guide from Community Literacy Ontario.

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