Hidden Gems: Essential Skills

As Brigid Hayes pointed out in Wiping Out the History of Essential Skills, adult literacy resources using the Essential Skills framework may be more difficult to find now. If you don’t already know about them or if you’ve forgotten the title or the publisher, how do you find them?

A sample of adult literacy resources using the Essential Skills framework

Where to find these resources

You can download most of these resources for free. Links are provided above.

Anyone in BC can borrow print copies of the resources marked with an asterisk (*) from the Decoda Literacy Library.

There were many other resources created using the Essential Skills framework. For help locating them, explore the Copian Library (for pre-2015 resources) or contact the Decoda Library.

The new Skills for Success website displays a number of recent training tools including the Workwrite workbook series* and the Up Skills for Work resources. More will be added as resources based on the Skills for Success framework are developed.

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