International Day of People with Disabilities

Today is International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD). It is a global celebration of people with disabilities. Approximately 13.7% of Canadians are currently living with a disability. One in ten working age Canadians have a disability. In the literacy field, we are conscious of the many learning disabilities that can affect learners’ literacy skills. There are numerous resources available to assist tutors in these areas. However, we also need to consider physical disabilities and how they may affect learners accessing and using the programs we offer. IDPWD is an excellent time for this. The organization behind the event has outlined the key purposes of the day.

What is IDPWD for?

  • Celebration – to recognize and value the diversity of our global community, and to cherish the role we all play, regardless of our abilities;
  • Learning – to understand and learn from the experiences of people with living with a disability;
  • Optimism – to look towards the future and the creation of a world where a person is not characterized by their disabilities, but by their abilities;
  • Action – where all people, organizations, agencies and charities not only show their support for International Day of People with Disabilities, but take on a commitment to create a world characterized by equal human rights.

The 2021 theme is “Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era.” While offering programs online has helped some learners with physical disabilities, much more can certainly be done to increase accessibility. People who live with disabilities are among the most affected populations of the COVID-19 pandemic. The video below outlines five ways people with disabilities are affected by the pandemic.

There are many organizations and resources in Canada and British Columbia that can help you improve your accessibility and support for those with physical disabilities.

International Day of People with Disabilities Resources

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