Introducing Library Instructional Videos

Have you struggled to find resources in Decoda’s library? Has the online catalogue left you intimidated, confused or frustrated? Did you miss the recent library catalogue webinar?

Not to worry! We’re putting together bite-sized instructional videos all about using the library. You’ll learn how to sign up as a borrower, find specific resources or browse the collection. We’ll will walk you through requesting resources and the procedure for our easy and free returns. We will also explore all the additional fun features of our shared online system.

Each video includes closed captioning for increased accessibility.

Here is the first video in the series. It introduces you to the catalogue and shows you how to sign up as a borrower.

This is the second video in the series. It describes how to search the catalogue.

This is the third video in the series. It describes sorting search results and signing out resources.


More videos will be posted in the coming weeks.

To learn about finding resources on our website, check out our How to find resources on the Decoda Literacy Solutions website video. All videos produced or digitized by the library will be included in the Decoda Literacy Library playlist on our YouTube channel.

Come away with the confidence and knowledge to discover the resources you need with Decoda’s Literacy Library!

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