Literacy Podcasts

Did you know there are a growing number podcasts based on literacy topics? Podcasts can be a great format to augment your professional development. Just like podcasts can be used in your teaching, podcasts can also offer new information and perspectives to the literacy field.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio episodes, similar to a radio program. Podcasts are on demand, meaning that they can be listened to at any time and it’s easy to repeat episodes. Podcasts are most commonly listened to on a smart phone, but can also be downloaded (saved on the device to be listened to without an internet connection) or streamed (audio is sent over the internet and played immediately) on a desktop computer. They usually feature one or more hosts engaged in a discussion on a particular topic or event. However, there are also dramatic podcasts similar in format to a radio play.

Where can I find podcasts?

There are many websites and mobile platforms that host podcasts. They can also be downloaded or streamed directly from the creator’s websites. Podcasts are most commonly listened to on applications (apps) such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

Below are some of the podcasts about literacy or literacy-related topics.

Literacy Podcasts

Adult Education and Literacy

  • Advocast – “Hosts Erin Vobornik and Sara Haghighi engage with leaders to tackle advocacy topics impacting learners, teachers, and administrators in the field of adult education.”

All Literacy Topics

  • What’s Literacy? – “A podcast for English-speaking, lifelong literacy learners in Quebec. Join our hosts Niamh Devaney, Jeff Taylor and Jaimie Cudmore from Literacy Quebec as they explore topics around community building, lifelong curiosity, and the multiple types of literacy..”

Digital Literacy

  • The Mind Online – “Through conversations with teachers, librarians, scholars and reporters, Monita explores the critical aspects of digital literacy that shape how we create and consume content online. Discover what educators and students alike need to know—and how we can all become safer, better informed digital citizens.”

Family Literacy

  • Reach Out and Read – “Host Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, a pediatrician with a children’s librarianship degree dives into a wealth of varied early childhood health and literacy topics with expert guests examining the many facets of supporting the parent-child relationship as key to early success.”

Financial Literacy

  • Mastering Money – Offered by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, this “financial literacy podcast talks about key issues, trends and tips as they relate to financial education.”

Health Literacy

  • Health Literacy Out Loud – “Helen Osborne interviews those in-the-know about health literacy. You will hear why health literacy matters and learn practical ways to help.”



  • Behind Every Employer – “Hosts Anson Green and Jeffery Abramowitz sit down with future-focused employers to discuss innovations that are advancing frontline worker talent.”

More literacy podcasts

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