New Streaming Videos from the Library

The Decoda Literacy Library is pleased to announce its conversion of two DVDs to streaming video. With the permission of the publisher, Grass Roots Press, we have converted Measures of Success: Diagnostic Assessment and Measures of Success: Performance Assessment from DVD format to streaming videos. The videos were made widely available on YouTube. These two videos compliment the Measures of success: assessment and accountability in adult basic education book. They offer valuable advice and demonstrate useful practices in adult literacy assessment. Check out the two videos below.

The library is currently working on editing the automatic closed captions for each video to ensure that they are accurate and accessible. In the coming months, we will be posting two further Grass Roots Press videos: Teaching reading to adults: word recognition strategies and Teaching reading to adults: comprehension strategies. Thank you to Grass Roots Press for allowing us to share these videos in a more accessible format.

We will continually reach out to publishers to seek permission to share valuable materials in outdated formats using our YouTube channel. So stay tuned!

How did we do it?

Did you know that libraries can reformat materials for accessibility? The Copyright Act of Canada allows for libraries to convert outdated formats so that patrons can access them. At Decoda, we currently have a wonderful volunteer who is converting DVDs for us. A big thank you to Mr. Rondo Chan! When requests come in, they will be added to the conversion queue. If you would like to request a conversion, please email the library at If the publisher (or copyright holder) does not provide permission for widely sharing the converted resource, a converted copy will be provided to the individual patron if resources allow. There are exceptions to the law, so please contact the librarian to learn more.

Thank you to our volunteers

A big thank you to all those who have volunteered to assist the library in 2022: Lindsay Ahmad, Sebastian Taylor, Jonathan Koehn and Rondo Chan. With their support, we were able to complete the Canadian Adult Reading Assessment (CARA) CD-ROM conversion and the DVD conversions. We look forward to completing more exciting projects in 2023!

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