Numeracy is Fun!

It’s Family Literacy Week! This year’s theme is “Make it count! Play * Sort * Measure.” Numeracy skills can be practiced in many fun and interesting ways. Here are some of the resources the Decoda Literacy Library has to help make math fun!

Family Literacy Kits

Numbers and Counting – This kits offers many fun counting activities for families including ten picture books, a 20-piece puzzle, lacing beads, and bear counters. Also included is a math development chart, a template for stick puppets and other resources for parents and family literacy practitioners.

More than Counting – This kits delves into different math activities beyond counting. It includes instructions for games like shape sorting and spotting what’s missing. The 11 books and variety of games and toys support recognition of shapes and patterns, measurement and spatial sense.

Note: Up to two Family Literacy Kits can be borrowed at once.

For Parents and Educators


More Fun Math Ideas

For even more family numeracy resources, contact the library at

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