Chatham, Ontario

View of buildings along the river at Chatham, Ontario.
Photo by P199 (CC BY-SA 3.0). Image has been cropped.

Women Displaced from Work

Project Lead: Tracy Callaghan, Adult Language and Learning


This project took place in the community of Chatham-Kent, located in southwestern Ontario. Chatham Kent is a smaller/rural community comprised of many small towns throughout 2,458 square kilometres.

During the pandemic there was an increase of women displaced from employment. Many have children and needed to be home as they were not the primary income earner. Others were in retail, hospitality and the food industry which experienced a large decrease in business and in some cases, permanent closures. This disparity in male versus female roles widened the gap exponentially everywhere.

This project assisted displaced women to build greater self esteem, self worth, independence and increased ability to make their own decisions. Women began to develop the necessary skills to become leaders in our community; to have financial independence; to increase their ability to earn an income; and to enjoy equal access to employment and education through improved literacy and essential skills.


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