Fraser Lake, British Columbia

Fraser Lake shoreline
Photo by Elaine Storey.

The Autumn Services “YOU” Project

Project Lead: Lisa Gandier, Autumn Services Society


Autumn Services’ “YOU Program” beta-test project was delivered in Fraser Lake, BC, a village of approximately 1,000 with a draw of 2,000 from the surrounding area. It is a two-hour drive from Prince George.

The Endako Molybdenum Mine opened in 1965, but in 2014 following a 260-million-dollar expansion, it stopped production citing catastrophic losses in the markets. Within months 450 employees were laid off. The small community lost many of its retail businesses as a result.

The Autumn Services YOU Project provided the opportunity for community members to learn digital literacy skills, gain self-confidence and become better suited candidates for jobs that become available in the local area. This 15-day project was suited for people in all phases of their working lives who were goal oriented and wanted to gain self-confidence. The You Project was also for people who wanted to upgrade their skills in preparation for employment, further their education, or pursue apprenticeship or certificate programs.

In 2022 new employment opportunities arose at the Little Rock Lake Camp and local workers were well prepared to get new jobs.

Read the beta-test report.


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