Reader-friendly Fiction for Adults

Are you looking for fiction with interesting stories written for adults practising their reading?

Reading fiction is one route to strengthening reading skills. It can also help develop confidence in and enjoyment of reading. Find a fuller explanation of the benefits in Understanding Reading for Pleasure for emerging adult readers.

The Decoda Literacy Library has a great selection of books written at an accessible reading level for adults. Any adults in BC can borrow. Here’s a sample of some fiction series:

  • Grass Roots Press photostories have a sentence and black and white photo per page. Many of the photostories are fiction. Some are humorous and some pose a dilemma that invites reflection.
  • Page Turners are brief, easy to read, mostly humorous stories from Australia.
  • Good Reads is a series of novellas by Canadian authors. (You may recognize some names.)
  • Pathfinders is a series of books where the main characters are at a turning points in their lives.
  • Rapid Reads is a series of quick, engaging reads by best-selling authors.
  • Oxford Bookworms fiction includes a range of reading levels and covers contemporary fiction as well as adaptations of classics.
  • Quick Reads is a long-running series containing easy to read titles by popular authors in the UK.

Borrow One or Borrow Many

Borrowers can always request specific titles. But what if you don’t have a specific title in mind? You are welcome to borrow a selection of titles from the Decoda Library to browse, review, and share.

What about borrowing a mini-library? Some classes have found it helpful to borrow a small classroom library to offer a selection for their students to read at home. If you would like to arrange the loan of a mini-library, email for details.

Not everyone will want to read fiction. The Decoda Library also carries reader-friendly non-fiction. See some of the Library’s latest non-fiction here.

Need help finding titles? Email Lea at

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