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This is the last Read All About Lit blog post for 2023! Happy holidays!

Today we’ve updated the post below with new information and resources. The original post was published in 2021.

Reader-friendly news articles can be a timely and engaging resource for adults working on their reading. They can be used to develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking skills. They can also encourage awareness of current events and citizenship. You can find high-interest, reader-friendly news written for adults in both online and print formats.

Where to find reader-friendly news

The Westcoast Reader is a BC newspaper for adults who are improving their English skills. The articles are written at one of three easy-to-read levels. They include BC content. The newspaper is published monthly, from September to June. Teachers’ Notes for each issue are available on the website. Available by subscription, some BC programs and institutions are eligible for free subscriptions. The Westcoast Reader also publishes free online articles with accompanying exercises and audio. Decoda is proud to be the current publisher.

News for You is a newspaper from New Readers Press. The website publishes seven new easy-to-read stories each Wednesday. Weekly features are audio, exercises, vocabulary, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a poll. Articles are based on reports from The Associated Press and The Washington Post. This newspaper is available by subscription; free sample is available.

News in Levels: World News for Students of English adds short online news articles to their website every working day. Articles are adapted from online news. Each article is available at three reading levels. Each level contains the story, followed by a list of words with brief definitions. Levels 1 and 2 have audio. Level 3 has the original online story and video. The website is free to use.

Breaking News English offers free, ready-to-use EAL lesson plans on the latest breaking news in seven different levels. New lessons uploaded every two days. Audio and activities accompany each news story.

Teaching Tips

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