Reading Canadian

November 2 is I Read Canadian Day, a nationwide initiative that celebrates the richness, diversity and breadth of Canadian literature. This event was started in 2019 by author Eric Walters to support and promote Canadian authors to children across the nation.

“This is about Canadian books. This is about all the voices that make us up.” – Eric Walters

To mark the day, we’re showcasing some of our fantastic Canadian materials. The Decoda Literacy Library supports Canadian authors by proudly acquiring as many Canadian works as possible. Although this special day is focused on young people, we also have lots of wonderful resources for adult learners. Check out the video below for an introduction to I Read Canadian Day and be sure to check out their resources to support young readers.

For Children

Books by Canadian Authors for Youth and Adults

Resources about Canada


  • The Westcoast Reader showcases Canadian news stories to help learners develop reading and language skills through newsworthy articles about living in British Columbia and Canada. It also serves as an introduction to Canadian daily newspapers.

So on November 2, dedicate 15 minutes to reading Canadian! Post your reading event by following or tagging @IReadCanadian and using the hashtag #IReadCanadian.

For more Canadian resources in the Decoda Literacy Library, please contact the librarian by emailing Lea at

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