Health and Safety at Work: Workbook

Building Resilient Workers: Health and Safety at Work is a workforce literacy curriculum. It consists of five modules that cover: rights and responsibilities at work, hazards in the workplace, workplace …

Getting to Know Your iPad Workbook

This workbook contains illustrated, practical instructions on setting up and using an iPad. It contains information on: email, managing contacts and calendars, photos, Facebook, Facetime and iMessages. Written by Carolyn …

Using Twitter Workbook

This workbook contains instructions for using Twitter. It includes information on: setting up and editing an account, posting a tweet, using hashtags, retweeting, following people and organizations on Twitter, and …

Using Facebook Workbook

This workbook introduces the basics of using Facebook. Written by Joan Exley and Anne Cavicchi.

Shopping Safely Online Workbook

This workbook contains basic instructions on how to shop safely online. Written by Liz Gillis and Ingrid Fehler.

Working with Photos Workbook

This workbook covers how to download photos from a camera to a computer, edit and save photos, and share photos. Written by  Desneiges Profili.

Using Skype Workbook

This workbook covers the basics of using Skype: downloading, managing contacts, making video and voice calls, and sending instant messages. Written by Joan Exley and Ann Cavicchi.

Using Gmail Workbook

This workbook covers the basics of using Gmail. It includes information on: creating an account sending a message creating contacts using attachments web etiquette. Written by Margaret Sutherland.

Getting to Know Your Computer Answer Key

The answer key to the Getting to Know Your Computer workbook.

Getting to Know Your Computer Workbook

Get started using a computer. This illustrated workbook introduces beginners to basic computer functions. It includes: knowing the parts of a computer, setting up a laptop, customizing a desktop, adding …