Digital Badges

Show the world what you know with Decoda Open Digital Badges.

Today, learning happens in many different environments – formal and informal, online and offline. Every learner has a unique learning path, full of experiences that make them uniquely qualified.

But how do you show a clear picture of your skills and experiences and make your abilities stand out from others?

The answer is open digital badges – and they are changing how we introduce ourselves to the world.

Open digital badges, or “micro-credentials”, are a way to display your unique skills, knowledge and experience.

Decoda offers open digital badges for learners and literacy practitioners. Badges are awarded through our Adult Literacy Database.

What is a Digital Badge?

  • a digital badge is a graphic symbol that acts like an online certificate
  • you earn digital badges by successfully completing courses, training modules or workshops
  • they are issued by learning organizations and institutions
  • digital badges show the world your skills and knowledge

How Digital Badges Work Infographic

Decoda issues practitioner badges to facilitators and tutors who have successfully completed training.

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Practitioner Badges and Verification Statements

Adult learners can be awarded digital badges for the skills they have achieved.

Literacy and essential skill badges can be issued for each of the four levels of learning in the six domains of Community Adult Literacy Benchmarks (CALB) currently used by Community Adult Literacy Programs (CALP) in BC.

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Adult Learner Badges and Verification Statements

Adults who participate in family literacy programs can also achieve badges.

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Family Literacy Badges and Verification Statements

A range of other badges reflect the breadth of learning that occurs in community-based literacy programs.

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Other Learner Badges and Verification Statements

For more information about open digital badges or the Adult Literacy Database contact