Stories of Determination: Asian Heritage Month

Guest post by Natasha Loh.

It’s Asian Heritage Month in May! The theme this year is Stories of Determination. It’s a commemoration and celebration of the many stories of struggle and success for Asian Canadians. It’s also a call to all to address anti-Asian racism and discrimination that still prevails to this day.

This month take time to reflect on the voices of Asian Canadians through film, book or storytelling. Consider choosing a book by an Asian Canadian author the next time you’re at the library or select from one of the films featured on this month’s National Film Board of Canada’s list. Whichever way you choose to celebrate and reflect, consider your own heritage and the unique combination of migration, culture and family history that makes you uniquely you!


Feeling crunched for time but still want to partake before the end of the month? Try one of these picture books that, despite their size, pack a mighty message for old and young alike.

Picture Books

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