Summer Reading with my Daughter

This is the final post of 2023’s Decoda staff’s summer reading picks. Today Aliza Dhungana, a Decoda Program Manager, discusses the books she shared with her daughter.

Summer reading time with my teenage daughter is always a special way for us to connect and have fun together. Reading together opens the door to thought-provoking discussions and provides a chance for personal growth and reflection. I always look for books that are not only relevant to her age but also resonate with our shared interests. Using the stories as a springboard, we discuss different issues about life and relationships. We always set aside time for our reading adventures. Here are the titles we selected at the beginning of summer:

Educated by Tara Westover:  This memoir tells an inspiring story of a young woman’s struggles and how she managed to get an education against all odds.

I Hope You’re Listening by Tom Ryan: A thrilling mystery about a girl abducted from her hometown, with the search continuing even after a decade. This one is definitely a favorite.

The Line Tender by Kate Allen: This book is about a girl who is determined to complete what her late marine biologist mother started.

White Elephant by Catherine Cooper:  Exploring the lives of a family who abandoned their house in Nova Scotia and moved to Sierra Leone during a civil war in West Africa.

Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson: We have recently started reading this book. It is about a girl who needs her missing best friend, but her mother and sister fail to give her straight answers.

A summer reading journey with your teenager is about more than just the books. It is an opportunity to explore diverse perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations that not only foster personal growth but also strengthen the bond between parent and teen.

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