The Benefits of Using Video in Literacy Tutoring

Video can be an invaluable tool for literacy tutors. It can provide a more engaging and relaxed learning environment. Video also allows tutors to break down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks. We will look at the benefits of using video as a blended learning strategy in literacy tutoring. We also offer helpful tips for incorporating video into tutoring sessions.

“It’s easy to teach the way we ourselves were taught, but it’s unlikely to excite our increasingly connected and tech-savvy students. Their interest in all things digital can be leveraged for learning by teachers willing to think outside the box, beyond their traditional lesson plans.” – Catlin Tucker

Benefits of Video

Video can provide a more engaging and relaxed learning environment for learners. Videos can show pictures, animations and demonstrations that help learners understand concepts in a way that text alone cannot. For example, take a look at the video below offered by Ellii on the grammatical concept of verb tenses.

Video can be offered synchronously (as the teacher is teaching) or asynchronously (accessed at any time). Due to this flexibility, videos can help with distance teaching and offer variety for the learner.

Video can help break down complex concepts into more easily digestible chunks, allowing the tutor to move at a pace comfortable for the student. With pauses available for clarification or further exploration, video can provide students with visual explanations that are difficult to explain in words alone. Learners are thereby engaged in the learning process, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of what they’re studying.

Finally, videos can provide clear visuals of grammar rules, spelling patterns and other literacy concepts. For example, remember the old Schoolhouse Rock video Conjunction Junction? The animation and catchy song help reinforce grammatical concepts. By watching examples on video, students see how these concepts apply within real-world scenarios and how language works together holistically in various contexts.

All of these advantages make video an invaluable tool for literacy tutors looking to give their learners the best possible chance at success.

Tips for Incorporating Video into Teaching

Here are some tips to make the learning process enjoyable and productive for both tutor and learner:

  1. Choose videos based on age group and interests. It’s essential to select videos that will capture the learner’s attention. Much of the literacy learning materials are created for children. When working with adults, consider material that reflects the learner’s age, as well as topics they find fascinating. If a student is especially passionate about a certain subject matter, there may be educational clips available which could help them understand various literacy principles better.
  2. Encourage interaction with video material. Ask questions during the lesson connected with what the video is discussing. You can also inquire about how students feel about particular characters or topics within it. These questions help keep learners involved with both the material and the video itself.
  3. Create your own videos! If you can’t find the right videos for your learner, take a stab at making your own. There are many online tools for making simple videos and animations that you can reuse with many learners in the future. Check out the resources below for video making apps.

By following these tips, tutors can generate an environment where students can learn at their own pace while engaging with content meaningfully—all while having fun!


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