Who We Are

Decoda Literacy Solutions is BC’s literacy organization.

We support community-based literacy programs and initiatives in over 400 communities across BC by providing resources, training and funds.

Our work supports children and families, youth, adults, Indigenous and immigrant communities to help build strong individuals, strong families and strong communities.

Decoda derives from the word “decode,” which means to create understanding; to unravel the mystery.

Building strong individuals, strong families and strong communities

Working with a network of 100 Literacy Outreach Coordinators, we bring together community leaders from education, health, business and government to identify and address local literacy priorities.

Our history

Decoda Literacy Solutions was formed in 2011 by bringing together two literacy organizations: Literacy BC and the literacy department of 2010 Legacies Now.

For 20 years, Literacy BC offered training, tools and support to those who work in adult literacy. In partnership with the federal and provincial governments, it raised awareness, developed policy, promoted innovation in practice, built an extensive library and supported adult learners.

The community literacy planning process began in 2004 with the Literacy Now program, which was created with support from 2010 Legacies Now and the Province of British Columbia. Through this process, 102 task groups across 400 communities in BC each came together to identify their local literacy strengths and challenges, and then create and implement community literacy action plans.

Today, Decoda continues the work of both organizations.

To learn more about Decoda, read our Strategic Plan or download our Annual Report.