Literacy Outreach Coordination

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The community approach to literacy is based on an understanding that literacy is everyone’s responsibility.

Decoda is proud to support the literacy network in BC.  We work with 98 Literacy Outreach Coordinators (LOCs) serving 400 communities across the province.

These LOCs work with local community literacy task groups. Task groups are made up of representatives from various community organizations, including: libraries, family resource programs, employment agencies, the business community, the K-12 school system, and literacy organizations.

Together, they identify local literacy needs and priorities. They develop action plans to deliver literacy programs and services that best serve people in their communities.

This provincial literacy network sets the direction and establishes the priorities for literacy actions across BC.

“The Community Literacy Program is an important model for creating partnerships and broadening community engagement around literacy and learning opportunities in communities.”  – Victor Glickman, Vancouver, BC

Learn more about literacy outreach coordination and task groups in the Literacy Outreach Coordination Guidebook.

Community-based literacy programs

Community-based literacy programs cover a wide range of program types. They include small group or one-to-one tutoring for children or adults, programs for families or seniors, workshops, seminars, and one-time events that provide information and raise awareness about the importance of literacy. Programs may be specifically for children, youth, adults, seniors, families or community wide.

“Community literacy involves the development of literacy and learning skills for any individual or group of individuals outside of the formal education system. It is learning that happens in the context of home and community, and it happens as a collective approach.”

Decoda supports the literacy network by:

  • consulting with government and partners organizations to secure sustainable funding for community literacy programs
  • offering day-to-day support and advice
  • providing professional development webinars, workshops and training sessions
  • providing opportunities to raise awareness and funds for local programs through province-wide campaigns: Literacy Month in September and Family Literacy Week in January.

For more information about literacy outreach coordination contact Maureen Kehler, Program Manager, at

Find your local literacy outreach coordinator and community-based literacy organizations on our BC Literacy Program Map.

We acknowledge the support of the Province of British Columbia.