The Westcoast Reader

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The Westcoast Reader is a monthly newspaper and online resource for learners.

The Westcoast Reader (The WCR) helps learners develop reading and language skills and serves as an introduction to Canadian newspapers.

The paper includes three reading levels to suit learners of all levels. Free learning resources, exercises and online content are available with each issue.

The WCR is a trusted resource used by:

  • English language instructors
  • literacy practitioners and tutors
  • elementary and secondary school teachers
  • speech and language pathologists
  • therapists and health practitioners
  • librarians

The WCR’s readers include:

  • English language and literacy learners
  • elementary and secondary school students
  • new Canadians
  • prison inmates
  • people with disabilities
  • patients with stroke and brain injuries

The WCR is published from September to June by Decoda Literacy Solutions, in partnership with Camosun College, with financial assistance from the BC Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

Digital and print editions of the paper are available by subscription.


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We acknowledge the support of the Province of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.