Decoda Literacy Conference

Decoda Literacy Conference 2022 participants The Decoda Literacy Conference 2022
The Decoda Literacy Conference 2024

Thank you to all the speakers, presenters, and participants at the Decoda Literacy Conference 2024!

Every two years the Decoda Literacy Conference brings together BC’s provincial literacy network for interactive, dynamic and informative learning sessions. This year’s conference was held April 17-19 at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC.

Attendees included leaders in adult learning, key members of the public and private sector, and literacy practitioners working in community-based literacy programs for people of all ages.

The theme was “Literacy: The Ripple Effect” and it was a wonderful time to connect, share and learn together.

Decoda Literacy Conference 2024 Program Guide (also available as a pdf)

Available Presentation Slides

Links to presentation slides in pdf format if provided by the presenter(s).

Keynote: The Economic Imperative of Literacy by Craig Alexander

2. Street Literacy: Literacy and Homelessness by Samantha Letourneau

3. Messaging and Communication Tools to Reach Your Audience by Heather Deal and Trish Weatherall

4. Envisioning Social Change through Community Capacity Building by Hasrat Grewal Gill, Erin Stewart Elliot and Michelle Grace Lebeau

5. Am I Literate Enough for Digital Literacy? Learning the ‘Language of Being Online’ by Audrey Gardner and Ryan Pike

7. Courageous Dialogues: Bridging Divides in Polarized Times by Diana Twiss, Jennie Barron, Alisha Samnani and Andrea Korens

8. Fostering Inclusivity: Empowering Educators with AI-Powered Tech Tools by Leanne Adegbonmire and Ella Ruth

9. Literacy for Life: Bridging the Gap to Success for a Fair and Inclusive Society by Greer Donaldson and Savanna-Jae Busia

10. Growing Your Volunteer Base (online presentation) by Thomas Briginshaw

12. Beyond Boundaries: ECALA’s Collective Kitchens by Debbie Clark and Wendy Peverett

13. Junior Journalist by Chrisy Hill

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