Business Services

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Our business is to make things simple.

We can help your organization or business make it easier for people to understand your message.

We provide clear language and design training and editorial services, literacy reviews and literacy and essential skills training.

Clear Language and Design is a way of writing and laying out documents that puts the reader first. It is based on writing and design principles that create clear meaning without sacrificing content.

We provide clear language and design editorial services, document assessment, testing and training.

We can:

  • review your documents and/or website
  • show you where misunderstanding may occur
  • teach you how to write clearly
  • edit your documents

For example:

Original sentence: “Firearm relinquishment is a mandatory condition.”
Clear language revision: “You must hand over your guns.”

Clear language helps readers access information. It can increase productivity, saving time and money for everyone.

About 40% of British Columbians have limited literacy skills. The literacy demands of your organization or business may raise barriers for some people.

A literacy review can help your organization or business:

  • identify barriers in the delivery of services for clients, customers and employees
  • improve access for clients or customers
  • develop clearer processes for employees
  • suggest ways to improve client and customer services

Literacy and essential skills are defined as the skills needed for work, learning and life. They provide the foundation for learning other skills and help people evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.

We help employers learn how literacy and essential skills can improve their business productivity and safety record.

We work with employers to embed literacy and essential skills thinking into everyday practice, as well as to improve the skills of employees.

When literacy and essential skills are part of workplace thinking and practice:

  • workplaces are safer and more productive
  • turnover rates are lower
  • retention is increased
  • employees have improved self-confidence and show more initiative

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