15 Staff Book Picks for Truth & Reconciliation

This Truth and Reconciliation Day, the Decoda staff are sharing books that have helped us to learn about Indigenous peoples’ history and truth.

One of the values that guides Decoda Literacy Solutions and its staff is inclusion (read Decoda’s full Vision, Mission and Values).

The value of inclusion inspires us to:

  • address racism and settler colonialism in our programs and approaches to our work
  • understand our path to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples
  • promote an “everyone is welcome” approach in our workplace

Here are 15 books we recommend reading on the journey to Truth and Reconciliation.

Gail Hanney, Director, Fund Development

Maureen Kehler, Program Manager

“We must come to a place of understanding that the colonial history of Canada was genocidal in nature, functioning as an imperative embedded in the very heart of colonialism.”

“It is simply not enough to wear an orange shirt or issue empty land acknowledgements. The non-Indigenous population of this country must not only talk, they must also act.”

Sandra Lee, Executive Director

Podlubny is a compassionate life-long learner and journalist.

Described as Wagamese’s most personal volume.

A great book for book clubs; it addresses unconscious bias.

Natasha Loh, Office Administrator

“This book marked my foray into Indigenous Literature. Despite many years having passed since I completed it the characters and the plot still resonates with me. It is haunting, heartbreaking yet hopeful. Although the novel is considered for Young Adult audiences, I believe the subject matter transcends any age.”

Trish Weatherall, Communications Specialist

“I loved this powerful story of survival, strength and hope following Mary’s life and leadership on the Stoney Creek, BC reserve (Saik’uz).”

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