Gold River, British Columbia

Float plane taking off from the water
Photo by JRHepburn Photography.

Shaping the Future of a Rural Community through Improved Access to Technology

Project Lead: Kat Eddy, Campbell River Literacy Association


Located on Vancouver Island, 88 km northwest of Campbell River and at the end of the pavement of Highway 28, there is a beautiful gem of a town called Gold River.

While Gold River was traditionally a resource community, it has been transitioning to become a tourism destination for 20 years. As a rural and remote community of about 1500, Gold River has limited capacity and a lack of training opportunities for those workers who need to pivot their employment to be able to continue to live there. These adults need employment options that contribute to their own families’ welfare and to the overall well-being of their town.

The town recently received access to high-speed internet, which has opened opportunities and allowed local service providers to deliver online programming. The Displaced Workers project allowed for these opportunities and further provide the legacy of a community learning space for all citizens to access as they work together to diversify their resource-based economy.

The key outcomes of this project built the capacity of the community and its members using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Accessibility and basic digital literacy training (Campbell River and Gold River Literacy Societies)
  2. Essential and Workplace skills training (WorkBC – North Island Employment Foundation)
  3. Targeted short term skills training for employment and entrepreneurship (North Island College)


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