Lethbridge, AB

The back of two people holding hands looking at waterfowl on a pond in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Photo by Tourism Lethbridge.

Moving Forward: New Opportunities, New Lives

Project Lead: Lil Radley, Lethbridge Public Library


Moving Forward: New Opportunities, New Lives will take place in Lethbridge, a city of about 100,000 in southern Alberta. This project focuses on culture and expectations in the Canadian workplace and the essential skills required, including document use and computer skills. This no cost, online project will help workers who have been displaced move forward as they participate in new opportunities acquiring the skills they lack in securing and retaining employment, thus moving towards improved “new lives.” Although it is likely that the majority of the participants will be newcomers, there could be others. The participants – from Lethbridge and area, adversely impacted by oil sand and other layoffs, including the farming community suppliers impacted by drought – will need these skills to be competitive in today’s market.

Each registration will include a skills assessment and discussion of the workplace, employment history, and goals. Helping participants to succeed is paramount; thus, project resources and breakout groups will be matched to participants’ skill levels. Weekly, they will join Computer Basics, Word, Excel, or a numeracy class to further improve these skills. In addition, those who require literacy skills improvement will be paired with Read On Adult Literacy & Learning volunteer tutors for up to three  hours weekly. Upon completion of Moving Forward, all participants can continue to work with their tutors, if they desire to do so.

As securing and retaining employment is the overall goal, local organizations that could offer new learning opportunities will be scheduled to speak to participants. There will also be an opportunity to meet some major local employers. Continuing to improve job prospects and overall confidence should make Moving Forward a most memorable project for participants.


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