People’s Law School

The law is involved in many aspects of everyday life.  The law can be complex. Legal language can be hard to understand. Legal services are expensive. People’s Law School can help.

People’s Law School is a BC non-profit society that provides free education and information to help British Columbians deal with the legal problems of daily life. Their aim is to make legal information accessible.

What does this look like? It means that British Columbians have access to legal information and education that:

  • is in language they understand
  • helps them develop skills and confidence to seek solutions
  • empowers them to take action

While the information from Peoples Law School is not intended to be legal advice, the clearly written information can help people avoid problems and understand problems when they arise. Information is provided on a wide range of topics. Here are three timely topics.


Coronavirus: Your legal questions answered covers some of the common legal questions on public health orders, work, home, money, consumer, will, business and courts. This webpage is regularly updated to keep the information current. There’s also information on Coronavirus & relief benefits and Coronavirus & benefits for workers.

Work and the Gig Economy

Recent expanded coverage for those working in the gig economy include:

Buying a House

Currently, the BC housing market is strong. There is legal information for home buyers in:

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