Enhancing Displaced Workers’ Literacy and Essential Skills: Annual Report: Synthesis and Next Steps

This report provides a synthesis of the research conducted in the first year of the project (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020), with a focus on identifying promising practices and outlining next steps for developing the intervention beta tests. The results of the following research components are included in this report:

  1. Literature Review and Media Scan
  2. Interviews and Focus Groups
  3. Pilot Survey of Displaced Workers in B.C.

This report provides an executive summary of promising practices based on the research and analysis completed by the SRDC team, as well as recommended next steps for the evaluation of the pilot interventions in the next phase of the DWLES project.

Written by Laura Celeste, Shawn de Raaf, Xiaoyang Luo, Patrick Wray.

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