Decoda’s Summer Reading: Stanley the Dog (Gail Hanney)

Join us every Friday in July and August and learn about the Decoda staff’s summer reading picks. Today Stanley the Dog, owner of Gail Hanney, Decoda’s Director, Fund Development, is sharing his summer reading pick.

As a dog writer, I am very interested in works by other dogs. That’s why I enjoyed Emily Carr & Her Dogs: Flirt, Pink & Loo.

Emily Carr writes about her experience raising Old English Bob sheep dogs. She drew 12 pictures and wrote a description of each month from the perspective of her dog Billie.

Billie leads a charmed life. He poses for paintings, enjoys ice cream in restaurants (“not stolen”) and entertains guests, “I’m too cute for anything.”

Emily Carr died in 1945. Among my favourite humans past and present, I would count her as one. How can you not appreciate someone who loved dogs and animals as much as her?

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