Take a journey through time this summer!

Guest post by Natasha Loh.

June marks the registration for BC’s annual summer reading club. Sign up has begun at many libraries throughout the province. Why join the summer reading challenge? To prevent the “summer slide” associated with a regression in learning and reading accumulated throughout the school year. A study conducted by Jimmy Kim for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences found that students who read four or more books over the summer fared better on reading comprehension scores than their classmates who read one book or none at all.  

For students the summer is often a time of enjoying the warmer weather and time spent outdoors. Reading takes a backseat to all these activities, often with damaging consequences for children and their teachers. Summer reading challenges set children and their parents or caregivers up for success. Each summer the British Columbia Summer Reading Club picks a theme for its participants. The club is promoted by all British Columbian libraries and students are challenged to commit to reading for 8 weeks. Take home materials often include a reading record, stickers or bookmark and can be picked up at your local library free of charge. Throughout the summer, when you’re visiting your local library for new books, there will be events to help keep you on track as well as book recommendations. 

This year the theme is Journey Through Time. However you interpret it is up to you! Indulge in books about dinosaurs or take a time machine to learn about people and civilizations long ago.  Most importantly, spend quality time reading to prevent that summer slide. Your child, their reading comprehension and writing skills will benefit them in September. As well, libraries will host events throughout the summer and provide reading recommendations. At the end of the summer, remember to submit your reading record back to the library to claim your medal.  

If you’re over the age of 14 and disappointed that you can’t partake, not to worry! Adult summer reading challenges have been created for adults who’d like to read alongside their children or who merely have a love of reading. Create your own challenge or see if your library has created something. The following are some adult reading challenges for you to explore: 

Watch a video about what the BC Summer Reading Club:

Whether you’re 7, 77 or 107 be sure to indulge in some books this summer. With nice weather in the forecast consider taking your next read outside to a park bench or beach. Happy reading everyone!

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