Celebrating Non-Fiction November in Canada

In the spirit of fostering a love for non-fiction, Canada has the opportunity to take a page from the United Kingdom’s literacy playbook and get on board with Non-Fiction November. Inspired by the celebration detailed on the Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) website, let’s explore why Canada should embrace this celebration, especially in the context of supporting family literacy.

Non-Fiction November is already embraced by some Canadians, but it’s not yet celebrated widely. It’s not just a celebration of factual books—it’s a month-long invitation for families and others to explore the wonders of the real world through reading. Non-fiction books often don’t garner as much attention as children’s fiction. Why not take a month to appreciate and celebrate these fascinating works?

By incorporating Non-Fiction November into our literacy calendar, we can actively encourage families to read, learn and explore together. Non-fiction works provide a unique avenue for shared discovery, enabling parents and children to delve into diverse topics ranging from history to science.

FCBG’s website underscores the role of children’s non-fiction in this event, emphasizing the importance of factual books in sparking curiosity and instilling a love for learning from an early age. This can lay the foundation for family literacy through engaging and informative non-fiction reads that captivate the imaginations of both young and adult readers.

The collaborative nature of Non-Fiction November aligns seamlessly with family literacy initiatives in Canada. Schools, libraries, literacy organizations and communities can come together to organize events, discussions and activities that not only celebrate the richness of non-fiction books but also strengthen the bonds between family members through shared reading experiences.

Canada has the chance to embrace the magic of Non-Fiction November, taking inspiration from the UK’s well-established tradition. By incorporating a family-centric approach, this celebration becomes a powerful tool for promoting family literacy, encouraging a shared exploration of the world’s wonders through the pages of non-fiction books. Let’s turn the page together and embark on a shared journey of discovery, learning and family connection this Non-Fiction November.

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