Eco Words: Vocabulary about the Environment

Do you use the environment as a theme in your teaching? How do you talk about it?

A specialized vocabulary exists for environmental topics. You can find resources to help you teach that vocabulary in Eco in the ELT Classroom. This new, free online resource from Oxford University Press includes videos and learning activities (with answers) for vocabulary. To access the lesson plans for young learners, teenagers and adults, you need to join the Oxford Teachers’ Club.

While designed for EAL students, these resources are useful for everyone learning this vocabulary, in person and online.

The Environment

Climate change vocabulary you NEED to know cloze activity

Extreme Weather QUIZ


Key Renewable Energy word you need to know cloze activity

Non-renewable energy cloze activity

Responsibility for the Environnment

11 ‘Conservation’ words you must know at levels A1 to B2 cloze activity

7 ‘Conservation’ words you need to know at levels C1 to C2 cloze activity

Waste and pollution A1-B2 Vocabulary List! cloze activity

Waste and pollution C1-C2 Vocabulary List cloze activity

Free Mini-Dictionaries

Did you know that there are free Oxford Learner’s Word Lists online? They are mini-dictionaries and include pronunciation audios (British and American English) as well as written definitions.

Here are two mini-dictionaries that support environmental topics:

The environment


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