Human Rights 101

Do you know your human rights? Everyone is entitled to certain basic rights. Everyone is born with the right to a life of equality, dignity and respect, free from discrimination. These rights are protected in law.

A new resource from BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner can help you learn and teach about your rights. It includes the following video:

A learner kit and educator’s guide accompany the video. The learner kit includes activities at three different levels. The educator’s guide provides suggestions on creating a safe learning environment, teaching tips and an answer key.

BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner has also started a video storytelling project, ‘I love my human rights’. The videos look at systemic discrimination and how to eliminate it. Here are the first two videos:

Find more teaching resources in the Canadian Human Rights Toolkit: Human Rights Resources for Teachers and in teaching resource collections from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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