Science Literacy Week 2023

September is Literacy Month! This week is also Science Literacy Week and the theme is Energy. From September 18 to 24 many organizations, including libraries, museums, science centres, schools and not-for-profits, will highlight media and events that share exciting stories of science, discoveries and ingenuity.

“You can’t always see it, but energy is everywhere. It can be kinetic, thermal, chemical, radiant or nuclear. It lights our cities as electricity, heats our houses through thermal radiation, and moves our bodies with chemical reactions.” – Science Literacy Week

Attend one of the many in-person or virtual events, download the promotional digital items, or the toolkit to help spread the word.


Energy Lab for Kids

Energy lab for kids : 40 exciting experiments to explore, create, harness, and unleash energy

Energy Lab for Kids offers 40 discovery-filled and thought-provoking energy projects by Emily Hawbaker, a science educator from the NEED (National Energy Education Development) project—with a foreword by Liz Lee Heinecke, author of Kitchen Science Lab for Kids. Using supplies that you can find around the house or in the grocery store, these exciting projects let you observe, explore, discover, and get energized!”


Green technology : earth-friendly innovations

“This timely and comprehensive title introduces green technology and thoroughly explores the many issues involved in the development and production of alternative energy forms, including cost, technology, and availability. Different kinds of alternative energy and technology (including solar power, wind power, and biomass) are discussed, along with related political and/or environmental issues and controversies.”


10-minute science experiments : 50 quick, easy & awesome projects for kids

Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments gives curious young readers dozens of colorful, exciting projects designed to teach them about the basics of science, physics, chemistry and engineering. They’ll learn about critical thinking, how to conduct an experiment, and how to measure results, all while enjoying themselves in a screen-free setting.”


Be sure to check out the short video from our library for Science Literacy Week! The library has many STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) titles for you to discover.

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