A message from Margaret, Executive Director

Learning together is important to all of us. A few days ago, B.C.’s literacy network came together at the Decoda Literacy Conference. More than 200 participants learned about best practices, built relationships and inspired one another.

Many members of the network work with families. Often it is mothers and children who attend programs, to connect and learn new ways to support the children’s learning and for the mother’s to develop new skills.

The mother-child bond is so special. Working with mothers and children is central to Decoda’s work. IPALS and Fostering Literacy are two programs that help mothers develop new strategies through fun literacy-based activities.

In this issue, we highlight the stories of Simret and Kayla. Simret is an immigrant mother who received support to prepare her young children for school in Canada. Kayla learned to help her daughter enjoy reading at home by using tips from her tutor.

For me, this conference was a special one. It was the last time I will participate as Executive Director of Decoda. I am retiring this year, and the search for a new Executive Director is taking place now.

One thing I know is that my successor will enjoy the privilege of serving a great organization with an amazing Board of Directors and staff team.

I extend heartfelt thanks to the Government of BCLegal Aid BC and WorkSafeBC for your support and to all our presenters, keynote speakers and participants for making it our best conference ever.

If you would like to help mothers like Simret and Kayla, please donate today!

To all who are celebrating, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


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A message from Margaret, Executive Director

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